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  • 20 Dec

    10 Top tips for Lambing

    Posted by Steven

    Please see beow 10 excellent tips for lambing.    1:  Body Condition Score: For lowland crossbred ewes increasing BCS from 2.5 to 3.5 can increase scanning percent by 20-40%. For a hill ewe a BCS of a…

  • 30 Aug

    Optigain Sheep Pre-tupping Preparation

    Posted by Louise

    Use Optigain In Your Pre-tupping Preparation Pre-tupping preparation and management of ewes and rams is essential to ensure successful Spring lambing and ensuring that profits are maximised.  Proper p…

  • 08 Aug

    Prevent footrot with Footvax - The 5 point plan!

    Posted by Louise

    Footrot  Lameness in sheep is one of the main welfare problems in the UK sheep population.  Lamness can be managed by following simple preventative and treatment measures.  If untreated it can result…

  • 20 Jul

    Milk Liners

    Posted by Louise

    When should milk liners be changed?   It has been recommended that liners should be changed after 2500 milkings.  The liner will keep working past this point but will not work to its maximum potential…

  • 19 Jul

    Fresh Start Improve

    Posted by Louise

    Freshstart Improve for Calf Scour What is Calf Scour? Calf scour or diarrhea can be the cause of poor growth and calf mortality.  It also causes more financial losses to cow-calf producers than any ot…