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Calving Sensors

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Moocall to bring you the most advanced and affordable calving sensor ever brought to the market.


How does Moocall work?

Moocall is a tail mounted motion sensor.  It measures tail movement to accuratley predict the onset of calving. All the user needs to do is activate their device which can be done online or by calling Moocall directly.  They then simply charge the device overnight, turn it on by holding the power button for 4 seconds and put it on the cows tail opposite the vulva. It is important not to over-tighten when attaching to the tail.

A full user guide can be found at the bottom of this page.

How do I activate my device?

If you are in-store one of our staff will be more than happy to organise the registration for you or once you get home please head to www.moocall.com/register or call them directly on 0203 6271126 and they will assit you with the registration process.  It is very simple.

How do I attach my Moocall to the cow?

The device is attached to your cows tail by simply plulling the strap through tight by hand and giving the ratchet 1-2 clicks to tighten. IT IS IMPORTANT NOT TO OVER TIGHTEN YOUR DEVICE. You do not want to cut off the circulation to the cows tail, or irritate the cows tail. If the unit is too tight, it will likely send out some false text messages as the cows tail activity will increase due to the irritation. If calving has not occurred after 4 days, the device will remind you to take the unit off for about 4 hours to give the cows tail a break.

How much notice will I get before the cow calves?

After receiving the first text message, you will have on average one hours notice before the cow calves. Easy calvings may result in shorter notice periods and difficult calvings could text two to three hours before. A second reminder text will be sent 1 hour after the first text if tail activity continues.

I have very poor network in my area.

The calving sensor is equipped with an embedded m2m chip that can work over different networks. There can be black spots in some parts of a rural farm. Our calving sensor will pick the strongest network every time to help ensure a text is delivered to you. We rarely have connection issues on our end, don't forget though that your phone needs to be in cell coverage to receive the text alert.

My phone doesn't work in the field, will the Moocall sensor work?

Moocall can operate on very weak mobile signal as it only requires basic data to work. It will also use the strongest signal available from any network because of the world wide roaming sim chip. The unit comes with a roaming data service that operates on any network in 190 countries. No base station, power, or cabling is required for it to work. Your phone however, might not receive the message until it is back in coverage.

How many Moocall units will I need? 

One device is adequate for an average farm of up to 40 head. Farmers know their stock and if they manage the placement of their device well, they can capture as many as 6/7 calvings per week with just one device. Bigger farms may require more than one unit. Pedigree breeders may also benefit from more than one unit.

Farmers are less likely to require notifications when the bulk of their herd is calving, as the herd tends to be more closely supervised at this time. Moocall calving devices are particularly valuable to farmers in the following circumstances:

• Early or late calvers (stragglers)

• Heifers, • Night-time calving

• Pedigree breeds where vet assistance is often required

• Farmers with other jobs which keep them away from the farm

• Where there is distance between the farmhouse and the herd or calving sheds.

Is there a discount on more than one unit?

Yes, we are offering a 10% discount when you purchase more than one device. Moocall also offer a 10% discount on the annual software charges when purchasing more than one device.