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Ventilation & Cooling

After more than 40 years of creating the right environmental conditions for producers, Hydor can boast a thing or two on ventilation systems and design. They understand that ventilation requirements change with time of day, season, temperatures, humidity, wind and animal age, and can recommend or create a system with these changes in mind.


HV Belt Drive Fans

Hydor’s HV fans are specially designed to move a substantial amount of air at low pressure to ventilate larger buildings whilst consuming a minimal amount of energy. Galvanised steel construction and specially designed stainless steel impellers, make these fans extremely robust and hardwearing.

The range is available in five sizes, from 800mm to 2000mm, and three variations; wall mounted with shutters, suspension mounted from the roof space and floor mounting with wheels. Each fan is available with single or three phase motors and optional louvres and guard choices.

The HV fans are supplied fully assembled with internal and external safety guards or a centrifugal operated backdraught shutter on the external side.


Sock System/ Tube Ventilation System

The Hydor Tube Ventilation System supplies fresh air to all parts of the building to dilute airborne pathogens and irritants that can cause illnesses and disease, such as pneumonia.

The system consists of a plastic ducting tube that is fitted above animal height, with small openings to allow air to evenly disperse. This creates positive air movement; delivering a constant, gentle supply of fresh air and even temperatures, regardless of outside weather conditions.

This Ventilation Sock System has been proven to reduce, and in some cases totally eradicate, pneumonia in calf housing, drastically reducing vet bills and subsequent treatment costs.