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Milking Equipment

McCaskie Agriculture provide the latest in milking technology, for every type and size of dairy herd, supplying a complete range of equipment from some of the worlds leading manufacturers. Our experienced team will advise and support you from project planning and inception to completion and are confident in all aspects of milking solutions, from a simple direct line herringbone parlour to a fully automated robotic system or large scale rotary parlour.


Product brochures:

Fullwood M2erlin brochure

Fullwood M2erlin M2 Essential

Fullwood M2erlin M2 Extended

Fullwood M2erlin M2 Expert

Fullwood Milking Systems

Fullwood Mobile Milking

Fullwood Rotary Abreast

Fullwood HB50

Fullwood Backing Gate

Fullwood SG Segregation Gate

Fullwood WS Walk Over Weigh System


For more brochures or information on how we can make a positive impact on your dairy farm contact us today at agriculture@mccaskie.co.uk or call us on 01786 474 481.

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