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NEW EkoCrush Electro Cattle Crush

Ekochute is an operator and cow-friendly unit, its modern design optimizes efficient and safe trimming for both the operator and the cow. The Ekochute Electro is the perfect solution for medium to large scale farms.

Electro Features

All functions are conducted by our electric motor/gearbox combination.

The Electro automates all five manual operations:

1. Rear Bar
2. Double Belly Band System
3. Rear Leg
4. Front Right Leg
5. Front Left Leg

These functions are supported by a comprehensive but simple electrical system. All components are mounted inside IP67 enclosures with surface mounted controls and emergency stop buttons. Electrical cables are all protected with heavy duty ribbed conduit.

Dimensions Inside Outside
Length 200 cm 244 cm
Width 75 cm 115 cm
Height 170 cm 220 cm

EkoCrush Electro is the top spec electric crush and is ideal for medium to large farms for regular trimming.
Standard features include: 

  • Electric rear leg winch
  • Electric front leg system
  • Electric back bar
  • Electric belly band lift
  • Non-slip rubber mat as standard
  • Rotating tool holder with double waterproof socket
  • Lifting eye
  • Power cable guide
  • 6 meter power cable
  • Trim large numbers of cows with comfort and ease with the Ekochute Electro.

There is also a manual version available.