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Slurry Handling

Fan and Bauer

McCaskie Agriculture work in partnership with FAN, a company of the Bauer Group, to deliver the latest separator technology.

The Press Screw Separator (PSS), which is the most time and cost efficent separator on the market, covers a broad spectrum of applications, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Pulp and paper
  • Food Industry: distilleries, breweries, olives, coffee, vegetables, tea, guava
  • Biogas Industry
  • Plastic Recycling Industry

Bauer FAN electric mixers and pumps, when used in an industrial or agricultural environment, will improve efficiency in your workplace. Advantages of these products are:

  • Can be used without an operator being required
  • By being linked to timeclocks and float switches, these can be controlled and used when electricity is cheaper
  • Minimal disruption to livestock or the environment when in use
  • Regularly mixing the tanks can reduce the accumulation of poisonous gas

Properly stirred slurry guarantees uniform distribution of nutrients, that is to say optimum growth and increased yields. Bauer mixers have a fluid, elegant and slim structural form thanks to the planetary gearbox. In combination with the large mixer blade and special stirring edges a high degree of efficiency is achieved.


Fan product brochures:

Fan Green Bedding PSS 3.3-780 GB

Bauer product brochures:

Bauer Magnum SX1000

Bauer Magnum CSP

Bauer Submersible Motor Mixer MSXH



McCaskie Agriculture also bring you the latest technology from Dutch company Joz, a leading supplier of slurry robots and scrapers. The robot technology is suitable for cattle housing and slotted floors, cleaning the entire stall floor surface. Completely programmable, the robots come with automatic battery charging and multiple sensors allowing for maximum precision.

In addition to the robot technology, we can also provide you with rope, cable and chain slurry scrapers and Joz's range of walking floor and bedding mat surfaces.


Joz product brochures:

Joz MOOV Feed Pusher

Joz JT200 EVO Manure Robot




McCaskie Agriculture work with Slurryquip to provide our customers with the latest in umbilical drag hose equipment. The slurry spreading equipment on offer allows for farmers to have a medium output machine with all 4" hose with outputs of approximately 100 m3/hr right to the 6" and 5" hose combination machine with outputs of up to 270 m3/hr. A standard contractor system comprises of one reel of 5" and one reel of 6", along with a 9.5 meter dribble bar and Bauer pump.

The complete effluent spreading system has a number of benefits:

  • Large reduction in artificial fertilizer
  • Low cost per M3 spread
  • Modular design with the ability to quickly extend system
  • 21 years experience in the design and manufacture of drag hose systems
  • No seperation or weeping wall necessary


For more information about the PSS or any of our slurry handling products contact agriculture@mccaskie.co.uk or call us on 01786 474 481.



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