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Vecoxan is designed to prevent clinical and sub clinical coccodiosis caused by the parasite Eimeria crandallis. The oral drench can be given as a preventative treatment but cannot replace general good hygiene standards. The preferred timing of treatment is directed by the known epidemiology of Eimeria spp and the presence of coccidian in the flock or herd should be confirmed by faecal sampling prior to treatment, if there is no recent and confirmed history of clinical coccidiosis. Coccidiosis is an indicator of insufficient hygiene in the flock/pen. It is recommended to improve hygiene and to treat all lambs in the flock and all calves in a pen. Frequent and repeated use of antiprotozoals may lead to the development of resistance in the target parasite. To alter the course of an established clinical coccidial infection, in individual animals already showing signs of diarrhoea, additional supportive therapy may be required as diclazuril has no antimicrobial activity. Zero withdrawal for calves and lambs