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Volac Calf Milk Replacers

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  • 100% Dairy Protein
  • 23% Protein: 21% oil
  • 23% Protein to lay down the building blocks for maximum growth and development
  • 21% Fat to allow for more energy to be metabolised by the calf rather than using it to fight off disease pathogens.



  • Tried and trusted performance
  • Great results every time
  • High Imunopro® content
  • Gardion® health package
  • Higher levels of leucine
  • Energy 14.85 Mj ME at feed rate of 750g/d




  • Developed for growth, for the business producer
  • Very high Imunopro® content
  • Nutry-Lyst
  • Very high leucine level
  • Energy 17.6 Mj ME at feed rate of 900g/d


  • A carefully selected blend of Imunopro®
  • Specially designed for beef or mixed enterprises
  • For non-replacement animals
  • Gardion® health package
  • Elevated leucine
  • Energy 12.1 Mj ME at feed rate of 625g/d




  • Maximum Imunopro® content for long-term performance
  • Maximum programming and maximum growth
  • Ideal for Pedigree and high EBI herds
  • Gardion® health package
  • Highest leucine level
  • Energy 17.7 Mj ME at feed rate of 900g/d