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03 Mar

Buy the award winning Animology range from us...

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The Animology range is one of our best selling pet ranges.  We stock a wide range of Animology comprising shampoos and sprays. The multi-award winning Animology brand stands as a stamp of excellence and is trusted by pet owners, vets, groomers and championship show dog owners in more than 50 countries around the world.

Do you have to wash your dog a lot?  Were you hoping the better weather approaching that you dog would stay cleaner for longer?  Unfortunately that isn’t always the case.  Even with the dry weather you may still come across lots of ground which is soft and muddy.  You may walk near water which is a big attraction for many dogs.  Does your dog like rolling around in the mud, going for a swim in the or even worse rolling around in fox poo?  If the answer is yes, this is the range for you.

The Fox Poo shampoo is AMAZING and sells great. The Fox Poo dog shampoo effectively removes fox poo and other foul odours from your dog's coat - de-greasing and deodorising with built in conditioner and pro-vitamin B5, it helps to keep your dog's coat beautifully clean and healthy.  Fox Poo can be used on all coat and skin types and is suitable for all dogs from 6 weeks old.  All Animology dog shampoos have a mild yet deep cleaning action that removes dirt and odour without stripping the coat of its essential oils.  The easy rinse' formulation keeps washing time to a minimum, while the built-in conditioner and Pro-Vitamin B5 help to improve the health, strength and condition of your dog's coat.


Another alternative in the range for people who are on the go is Mucky Pup.  Animology Mucky Pup is a mild no rinse shampoo that has been specially created to provide an easy way to clean your puppy without the need for water, stress or mess.  Great for use on the go or as quick ‘spot clean’ spray, the shampoo has been enriched with vitamin B5 and built in conditioner to help maintain the health, strength and condition of your puppy’s coat.  Animology Mucky Pup also contains Animology’s ‘Signature’ scent to help keep your dog’s coat fresher for longer between washes.


Check out the Animology range at your local country store.