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12 Oct

Deosan Activate Range

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A generation of intelligence-based iodine disinfectants from the Deosan portfolio that deliver optimum teat hygiene and protection has achieved full BPR approval.

The Deosan Activate range of Iodine based teat disinfectants, which is fully approved for sale by the Biocidal Product Regulation across all EU member states, comprises four fast acting products specifically developed for the varying needs of dairy farmers and designed to achieve the optimum activity against bacteria.

Proven under the scrutiny of daily cow environments, the product range has been designed to deliver maximum efficacy from the minimum dose – a focus for all Deosan products for future efficiencies.

The range consists of:

  • Deosan Activate Pre, a concentrated (1+4 dilution) teat cleaner and disinfectant;
  • Deosan Activate Pre/Post, a ready to use 2-in-1 pre and post milking teat disinfectant which boasts rapid pre milking disinfection and prolonged post milking protection;
  • Deosan Activate PVP Plus, a ready to use film forming teat disinfectant which has excellent cling efficiency and high level skin conditioning and
  • Deosan Activate Barrier, a ready to use superior barrier teat disinfectant, highly viscous, non-drip, no waste formulation which is a long lasting active film and moisturises even in extreme conditions.


Commenting on the development of the new and improved range, Rob Kelly, Deosan Agricultural Marketing Director says,

“The Deosan Activate range has been specifically designed for the needs of the modern dairy farmer, with consideration of animal health and welfare, milk quality, economics and changing milk buyer demands. Our BPR approval validates the efficacy of our products and provides our customers with the peace of mind that the product they have selected will do its job.

“This is a new generation of products to the marketplace, recognising the evolving needs of our customers and the need to offer sustainable and increased efficiency products.

“These unique products have been developed to utilise a new innovative formulation, which gives them the ability to sustain the biocidal release over a prolonged period with new release-on-demand technology.

“The Activate formulations have been designed to offer multiple advantages to the animal, whilst delivering maximum efficacy from minimum dose:

  1. Repels impact of milk soiling, which can lead to weakening of the disinfectant in traditional formulations.
  2. The pH control ensures prolonged activity on the teat, maximising efficacy without irritation for superb animal welfare.
  3. Supports teat skin condition - unique approach prevents de-fatting of the skin and maintains hydration.
  4. New innovative formulation kills bacteria on-demand.

“Reducing losses from poor udder hygiene is one element of improving the operational efficiency of a dairy farming business. Clinical mastitis is a significant cost while high somatic cell counts reduce both milk yield and milk price. A rigorous udder hygiene program is a proven tool to reduce the challenges of infection and encourage healthier, more productive cows and improved milk quality and this improved range of products give farmers an excellent opportunity to invest in products that offer exceptional protection against bacteria and promote animal health.”

For further information speak to you local sales rep or country store.