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19 Jul

Fresh Start Improve

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Freshstart Improve for Calf Scour

What is Calf Scour?

Calf scour or diarrhea can be the cause of poor growth and calf mortality.  It also causes more financial losses to cow-calf producers than any other health problem in their herds. Calf scours is not a single disease, it is a clinical sign associated with several diseases characterised by diarrhea. The level of colostral protection that a calf receives within the first six to twelve hours of life highly effects the severity of disease. It is generally recommended that calves receive the equivalent of 10 per cent of their body weight within the first twelve hours of life.  Regardless of the cause, diarrhea prevents the absorption of fluids from the intestines also, body fluids pass from the scouring calves body into the intestines.

At birth a calf is approximately 70 percent water. The scouring calf loses fluids and rapidly dehydrates. In addition, dehydration is associated with loss of essential body chemicals (electrolytes)-sodium and potassium-and the buildup of acid.  Infectious agents cause the primary damage to the intestine, but death from scours usually results from dehydration, acidosis, and loss of electrolytes. The identification of infectious agents which cause scours, however, is essential for implementing effective preventive measures.

What does Fresh Start Improve do?

Freshstart Improve is a Downland product that is manufactured by Alltech, it is a unique combination of natural ingredients specially formulated to maximise calf growth, immune response and gut health. Improve is a powder which is added to milk (fresh or replacer) this should be fed at 7g/calf/day.

By binding up bacteria in the gut, Freshstart Improve maintains good gut health by reducing scour, therefore improving growth.  By providing a unique source of antioxidants, Improve supports the whole immune system, supplies functional proteins directly to the gut wall, helping it to develop fully to maximise calf growth.

One of our customers Martin Denholm of Lochdrum Farm Bonnybridge noticed a significant improvement in his calves when using Freshstart Improve as part of a trial.  He stated “We tried Fresh Start Improve for a period of 5 weeks and noticed that the dry feed intake increased. Subsequently, the growth rates improved and calves were noticeably bigger than previously. Overall they looked healthier and their coats were shining”.

 “I rear 120 calves per year and achieving good growth rates is very important, particularly in the rearing of my replacement dairy heifers, to ensure they reach the target for age and weight at mating.  The results of the trial convinced me of the benefits of using Fresh Start Improve and I have continued to use the product.”

This product is available in 2kg or 5kg packs.  For more information on this product contact your local sales representative or store.