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14 Apr

Horse owners - plan ahead for fly control.

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Spring is here and the sun is shining. This means it is time to review your fly control procedures for the year. Regular cleaning of stables is essential. Removing manure and wet bedding daily reduces the risk of flies laying eggs. Raking and spreading the manure over large fields or paddocks helps to dry it out again reducing the risk of the flies laying eggs. 

Although you can reduce the flies multiplying it is unlikely you will be able to totally eliminate them. To make it more comfortable for your horse it is best to use a repellent to deter flies and reduce the effect that this has on the horse.  Ensure you have fly repellent readily available.  Here at McCaskies we stock a wide range of sprays, creams and gel products available provide all-round protection from such flying pests as midges, mosquitos and flies.

For further advice on the best fly control product for your horse speak to our AMTRA qualified team at one of our country stores.