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20 Jul


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Many farms across Europe are already using Crystal Clear Wrap from Coveris Unterland.  This transparent wrap has many great benefits including farmers being able to closely monitor the condition of their  silage,  allowing them to stay on top of the fermentation process and keep an eye on it during storage.  Crystal clear could be a game changer for the as silage alternative and has more recycling opportunities than coloured wrap.

Crystal wrap is already proving to be extremely popular with our own customers, with one customer commenting that he had birds attack bales wrapped with a previous wrap in the field but bales in Crystal wrap in the same field were untouched.

The same customer has also commented on how the previous wrap attracted a lot more heat that the Crystal and thinks this can only be a good thing that the bale is kept cooler.  Crystal wrap is UV protected for 12 months’ outdoor storage and it really offer many benefits to farmer.


So there are many benefits from using crystal wrap.

  • Perfect landscape: Due to the transparent packaging the bales fit perfectly into the landscape
  • Immediate problem recognition: Potential problems can be detected immediately from the outside
  • Simplified bale trade: Better product visibility through the film simplifies the sale of bales
  • Innovative manufacturing process:A innovative manufacturing process and formulation development achieve a certified comparable feed quality despite the abstinence of film colouring
  • Bird damage reduction: Using Unterland Crystal reduces or avoids damage by birds, as proven in independent testing
  • Higher recycling value: The new formula allows more extensive recycling of transparent films

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