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07 Apr

Is your horse prone to mane and tail tangles?

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Regular maintenance is key to reducing tangles and keeping on top of them.  You should try to inspect the forelock, mane and tail regularly for mud balls, twigs and other entangled objects.  You should check your horse every time they come in from turnout.  You could also run your fingers through the tail and mane to prevent major tangles.

You should try to brush your horses’ mane and tail weekly.  More than this can result in damage causing breakage and split ends. You should always start at the bottom, tackling one tangle at a time.  Try to hold the tail in your hand to reduce pulling on the roots.

If you maintain a good grooming process this could reduce the chance of further tangles whilst making the mane and tail healthier.

A popular choice when grooming is detangler.  Applying detangle to the mane and tail before brushing will make it slicker and less likely to hold objects that get caught.  Glossy hair is also less likely to twist into tangles on windier days.

NAF Silky Mane & Tail D-Tangler is a high quality conditioning and nourishing spray which quickly makes troublesome tails and manes smooth, glossy, elegant and tangle-free.


Contains Lavender & Rosemary essential oils, geramiol, limonene and lonalool.

Directions for use

Spray directly onto mane and tail, allow to dry and comb through. Leaves a non greasy, non sticky natural shine that will not attract dust and allows mud to be easily brushed from hair. NAF recommend a small patch test is carried out before initial use.

Check out your local country store for a wider range of grooming and detangling products.