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30 Sep

Keep your dogs teeth nice and healthy with Purina Dentalife.

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Keeping your dog's teeth clean is important, as ignoring this can lead to plaque build-up and dental disease. Dental disease is very common in dogs, second only to ear infections, and can be extremely uncomfortable - much like we would experience. This can help prevent other health problems too. Research shows that bacteria under the gums can travel to the heart, kidneys, and liver if left untreated – a scary thought for the pet you love and care for. 85% of all pets have periodontal disease by the time they are 3 years old, so it's important to stay informed about how best to care for their dental health needs.

No pet owners like to see their beloved friend go through any pain, and doing what you can to enable healthy teeth will reduce the risk of painful teeth loss.

To avoid expensive treatment costs check and clean your dog's teeth regularly as part of their grooming treatment.   You can also have a range of dog treats to make it easier to keep your dogs teeth healthy.  We stock dentalife dog treats.

What is DentaLife?

Purina® DentaLife® is innovative daily treat that cleans as your dog chews for healthy teeth and gums and fresh breath

So how does Purina® DentaLife® help you and your dog?

There are various forms of dental cleaning that you can provide for your dog. We all know that dogs love to chew on things, so why not let them chew on something that will help them stay healthy?

Purina® DentaLife® is designed to clean your dog's teeth whilst they chew on it without any extra effort involved. It has a unique shape with 8 distinct ridges that clean your dog's teeth right down to the gum line. Dental disease usually starts with a build-up of plaque, which will eventually turn into tartar. This quickly leads to small pocket formations where your dog's gums meet its teeth, allowing more bacteria and food to accumulate.

Purina® DentaLife® will help clean hard-to-reach areas that other methods may not be able to reach. It's also been scientifically proven to reduce tartar build-up. Over time, as your dog chews on PURINA DENTALIFE™, you will be helping to keep their breath fresh.

Purina® DentaLife® includes no artificial flavourings or colourants, and with its wholesome ingredients and a tasty chicken flavour, your dog can happily chew away.

A healthy pet starts with a healthy mouth. Find out how Purina® DentaLife® keeps dogs’ tails wagging whilst taking care of their teeth.

Purina DentaLife available now at your local McCaskie Country Store.