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11 Apr

Maximise your grass potential

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Grass is a very important asset to the farming world whether it for grazing or cutting.  Therefore high emphasis must be made to ensure that the grass is of the highest quality. By using a better quality seed we can make better use of the grass which can in turn lead to more milk,  quicker growing cattle and more importantly will provide you with a cheaper economical way of using grass whilst maximising your profit.

Downland grass mixtures have been specially produced to provide the best possible quality with a wide range of seeds to suit different needs and cutting dates.  The range has been designed to give high yields, increase forage quality with the productive swards being able to give exceptional performance whilst providing resistance to disease.

Downland have recognised that high yielding livestock need to have the best quality forage.  Improving and increasing the feeding value of grass will bring positive results whilst providing maximum potential from the forage.  A varied range of grasses with greater forage quality particularly those with high cell wall digestibility (DNDF) has been developed.  Fibre from grass is one of the primary reasons that it is fed to livestock.  This fibre however can be hard for the animal to digest therefore preventing the essential nutrients getting to the animal.  DNDF is essential for rumen health as it breaks down the fibre improving the digestion process whilst releasing the nutrients.  Research has revealed that a 10% improvement in fibre digestibility can increase milk production by up to 6.4%.  For every 1% increase in DNDF there has shown to be a 0.25 litres increase of milk per cow per day. 


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