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11 Jun

McCaskie support breast cancer awareness through bale wrap initiative

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UK supplier Trioplast has launched a special pink edition of its Trioplus bale wrap which is set to benefit a number of breast cancer campaign charities with a donation made for every roll sold.

The pink bale story began last year in New Zealand with a distributor’s request for support to raise money for breast cancer research. The distributor also wanted to raise awareness of breast cancer in the countryside and decided to produce pink bales that could be displayed in the fields. Now, every sale of pink bale wrap is raising awareness and money to fund cancer research.

Trioplast pink bale wrap

The campaign is now global and farms across the UK are littered with pink bales. The success of the campaign is linked directly with breast cancer being the most common cancer in the world, effecting families everywhere. Although it is heavily associated with women and the colour pink, men can also be at risk. The good news is that these campaigns are directly impacting research. According to Cancer Research UK, 2 in 3 women will survive the disease beyond 20 years, and are now twice as likely to survive their disease for at least ten years compared to those diagnosed 40 years ago.

McCaskie Agriculture has thrown their support behind this campaign and has stocked a large supply of the pink bale wrap which is now available for customers to purchase. Every bale sold will not only raise awareness in your community, but raise important funds that will support families, develop further research and also supply new equipment and facilities to hospitals across the country.

If you would like to make an impact on breast cancer by using Trioplast’s new pink bale wrap, contact one of our agriculture sales team today at agriculture@mccaskie.co.uk or on 01786474481.