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20 Jul

Milk Liners

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When should milk liners be changed?


It has been recommended that liners should be changed after 2500 milkings.  The liner will keep working past this point but will not work to its maximum potential.  Properties within the liner will begin to deteriorate through time and this can impact the cow’s teat condition and can also affect their health.  It the problem leads to mastitis this can be a costly problem to fix in terms of both time and money.

Over time the liner will being to weaken.  This is due to the dynamic way in which it is used!  Gradually the line will become lose around the mouthpiece and in the barrel this will in turn increase the forces on the cow’s teat and will increase the chances of liner slip.

The liner also undergoes intense cleaning with chemicals at higher temperatures this can break down the rubber.  The different components within the milk can affect the liner leaving residues on the surface.

Wear and tear to the liner after the recommended 2500 usage causes it to lose all natural resistance to bacteria and pathogens.  This can lead to increased somatic cell count and more cases of mastitis.

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