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03 Jul

New product range ready to fly off the shelf

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We’ve seen patches of glorious summer weather over the last few weeks, which means that warm weather and the flies which accompany it will be on their way over the next few months. Flies are commonly associated as a problem in the equine and agriculture industry, and often appear before you know it, so we have sourced a large range of products to help combat against them.

The Fullwood Multi-Fan offers a temporary solution to fly control, while keeping your animals cool in the warmer weather at the same time. The high capacity, 8,500 cubic metres per hour re-circulation fan has a balanced six blade impellor for minimal noise. Tube cowling provides optimum air direction and throw, and its lightweight and compact design makes it easy to move around the farm.

Our more permanent solutions are supplied by Lodi UK. Our team have selected a range of chemical fly and wasp control products which use a simple and easy to use fast acting spray to quickly knock down nuisance flies. These products are non-corrosive and water based, reducing slip hazards.

For complete control, we highly recommend Lodi Twenty One, a wettable powder concentrate containing 10% Azamethiphos, regarded as the fastest chemical to work on the market. This uniquely formulated product can work instantly on flies in livestock housing by application to walls and ceilings of cowsheds, stables, piggeries, poultry sheds and other environments. We have selected this product because of its versatility; it is the only product that can be both sprayed and painted. The pheromones and attractants within the solution will attract the flies and kill immediately by contact or ingestion.

If you would like to find out more about the products we can offer to assist with your fly control, or to create a tailor made solution for your needs this summer, contact our Agriculture team today at agriculture@mccaskie.co.uk or 01786 474 481.