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30 Aug

Optigain Sheep Pre-tupping Preparation

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Use Optigain In Your Pre-tupping Preparation

Pre-tupping preparation and management of ewes and rams is essential to ensure successful Spring lambing and ensuring that profits are maximised.  Proper planning will ensure that both ewes and tups are in the best condition to ensure that the conception levels are as good as possible.    Ewes should be condition scored 10-12 weeks before rams are introduced.  This gives enough time to prepare a programme which will help to achieve maximum results. 

Condition scoring is a quick and easy low cost management tool to increase ewe productivity and flock profitability.  A body condition score of about 3/5 for ewes and about 3.5/5 for tups is ideal for conception.  Therefore by knowing each ewe and ram score you can tailor your management programme to get the best results at lambing.  It is very important to increase the conception rate as every missed pregnancy costs around £1.70 per ewe and this can have a huge financial impact.

Good nutrition will help enormously in achieving these objectives and ensuring ewes are on an improved plane of nutrition pre-tupping will give a lamb output response for most breeds.  Often supplements or trace elements are required to give essential nutrients that the grass can’t give. 

Optigain Sheep provides ewes and rams with key vitamins and trace elements required for support of optimal condition and will also support natural immunity via a unique combination of natural Vitamin E, Selenium and a full complement of nutrients required to help support on-going performance in ewes, rams and lambs.

Increased B Vitamins; supports metabolism, strengthens the immune and nervous systems and helps promote wool quality.

Elevated Iodine; assists with growth and reproduction.

Added Biotin; to promote wool and hoof quality.

Increased Vitamin K; assists with bone formation and blood clotting.

Chelated Trace Elements; for increased bioavailability and efficacy.

Natural Vitamin E & Antioxidants; supports immune function.


For further advice and information on Optigain Sheep contact your local rep or store.