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04 Jul

Quality Livestock Need Top Quality Minerals

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Most farmers are aware that in order for your livestock to be in the best health and to get the best out of them they must be given the essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins that they require.  The obvious benefits that can be seen when an animal is provided with nutritional minerals are well-being, productivity, fertility and longevity.  Do not comprise you livestock by failing to give them the vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins that they require.

Clinical deficiencies such as milk fever, grass staggers and retained placentas are easy to identify whereas subclinical problems tend to present a greater challenge.  The problems that can occur from both deficiencies and excesses can be costly.  Giving your animals the essential nutrients and minerals is a good way to minimise the risk of severe problems and reduce costs.

There is a much greater focus on the need for minerals to be given to livestock that live off the land.  Increased dependence on forages, blends and straights, together with revised nutritional standards for livestock feeding, have brought about a greater focus on minerals.  In order to optimize herd performance accurate mineral supplementation is extremely important.  Having your soil tested, to provide the appropriate minerals back to the soil, which will result in, improved pasture and less disease amongst stock.  Minerals can then be tailored to suit the individual farm requirements taking into consideration ration, herd performance, local deficiencies and all forms of mineral supplementation.  We are happy to assist with a full free of charge mineral audit.  This would be greatly recommended to optimize mineral usage, reduce costs, wastage and maximise performance.