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17 Mar

The benefits of gardening during lockdown

Posted by admin

Gardening became the nation’s most popular active hobby during the first lockdown. It has been good for people’s mental health during the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a new survey.

Forty-three per cent of more than a thousand people questioned on behalf of Forest Garden agreed that time in the garden had helped them cope during the spring and summer months of lockdown.

The physical benefits of gardening were well recognised too, with 47 per cent of over-65s saying it’s a popular way to keep fit.  Gardening offers a variety of exercise activities from sawing, lopping, digging, raking, lifting and mowing. An hour or two passes quickly in the garden. During lockdown, a quarter of men surveyed spent up to three hours more per day in their gardens than they normally would. Being busy in the garden is an effective way of exercising – and all in the fresh air, and its free!

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