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23 Feb

We are excited to let you know we are now stocking the Julius K9 IDC® POWERHARNESS

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The Julius-K9 IDC® POWERHARNESS – The Ultimate Dog Harness for any situation

We are super excited to announce that we are now stockists of the Julius-K9 IDC® Powerharness here at McCaskie Country Stores.   

The IDC® Powerharness is designed for you to have full control and complete security for any walk. The official IDC® Powerharness is your dog harness for bustling urban outings, early-morning woodland walks, or night-time strolls.

Designed to keep your dog safe, secure, and comfortable, the IDC® Powerharness can also be simply fitted in an instant.

 Harness Features:

  • Scientifically proven comfort. The harness evenly distributes the power to the dog’s chest instead of the neck – greatly reducing stress
  • Provides maximum leash control
  • Water resistant material 
  • Exceptionally simple to fit and remove
  • Made in the EU using German materials
  • Antiallergenic, skin-friendly, OEKO-TEX certified lining
  • High-visibility, glow-in-the-dark and reflective stitching
  • Recommended by dog trainers, vets, search and rescue teams, and working dog organizations for 10+ years
  • Sturdy handles that can be strapped down when not in use with a hook-and-loop strip (sizes Mini-Mini & Mini) or a rubber flap with popper (sizes 0 to 4)
  • Over 20 years in dog harness development

This is available in all our country stores in a variety of different colours and sizes.


Size guide


Chest Size

Dog Weight

Label Size


2XS (Baby 1)

11.5-14 inches / 29-36cm

2-6.5lbs / 0.8-3kg 

1.2x4.3 inches / 30x110 mm

XS (Baby 2)

13-17.5 inches / 33-45cm

4.41-11lbs / 2-5kg

1.2x4.3 inches / 30x110 mm

S (Mini-Mini)

15.5-21 inches / 40-53cm 

9-15.5lbs / 4-7kg

1.2x4.3 inches / 30x110 mm

M (Mini)

19.5-26.5 inches / 49-67cm

15-33lbs / 2-5kg

1.2x4.3 inches / 30x110 mm

L (Size 0)

23-30 inches / 58-76cm

31-55lbs / 14-25kg

1.2x4.3 inches / 30x110 mm

XL (Size 1)

26-33.5 inches / 63-85cm

50-66lbs / 23-30kg

1.2 x 4.3 inches / 30 x 110 mm

2XL (Size 2)

28-38 inches / 71-96cm

61-88lbs / 28-40kg

1.2 x 4.3 inches / 30 x 110 mm

3XL (Size 3)

32.3-46.5 inches / 82-115cm

88-176lbs / 40-70kg

1.2 x 4.3 inches / 30 x 110 mm

4XL (Size 4)

over 43inches / 98-138cm

154-198lbs / 70-90kg 

1.2 x 4.3 inche