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FECPAKG2 Parasite Diagnostic

FECPAKG2 revolutionises parasite management. It is an internet connected, image based diagnostic platform scientifically validated to conduct faecal egg count (FEC) tests on animals.


With FECPAKG2 you can save time and money, improve animal health performance, and use worming treatments more sustainably.

The innovative FECPAKG2 diagnostic platform makes on the farm (DIY) faecal egg count testing (also known as FEC or worm egg count testing) easier and faster to do virtually anywhere, by anyone. Frequent, accurate worm egg count testing enables farmers and equine managers to treat the right animals at the right time with the right treatment, and is an important decision-making tool for vets.


Innovative yet simple to do

  • Image based, it provides greater quality control and auditability.
  • Internet connected, it overcomes distance and provides faster results.
  • Software supported, it increases efficiency.
  • Scientifically validated, it is a proven way to test FECs across animal species.
  • Simple to do, the on farm DIY faecal egg count kit encourages more frequent testing and better decision making.


Easy to use DIY faecal egg count kit

Internal parasite infestation is one of the single best indicators of animal health, productivity and performance. Parasites can have an extensive negative impact on farm productivity and animal health and performance.

FECPAKG2 modernises the traditional microscope-based parasite testing method by replacing it with an internet connected, image-based kit. By doing so FECPAKG2 makes an invisible problem visible and more intuitive to manage.


Saves money and time for better animal health

Frequent FEC testing with FECPAKG2 can result in better outcomes for farmers and equine managers. This was clearly demonstrated in the recent large-scale project. For instance, most case study farmers in the Project reduced drench use by using FECPAKG2 to shift from scheduled drenching to drenching when animals needed it, saving time and money and lessening the risk of drench resistance.


The FECPAKG2 diagnostic platform


  • Far easier to do than the old microscope-based method
  • Images taken are permanent and able to be reviewed later, rather than the old way where results are washed down the sink
  • Makes the testing traceable, which is especially useful for vet practices and laboratories that want to improve quality control and implement a fully auditable system.



  • Removes the need for transporting faecal samples to a lab/clinic. This is particularly useful for remotely based users
  • Generates faster results, often within an hour, enabling the prompt adjustment of treatment programmes.


Scientifically validated:

  • Proven for faecal egg testing across animal species, including cattle, sheep, horses, camelids (alpacas) and goats
  • We are working with researchers at leading universities and are close to validating it on further species.


Simple to do:

  • Obtain immediate, reliable data without the need for a lab
  • The DIY design means a farmer does not need to also be a lab technician
  • Can be used by anyone, anywhere you have a flat surface, water and a power outlet, and then, or at a later stage, an internet connection to send the images off for analysis.