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LED Lighting

Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights are becoming increasingly popular for farming because of the significant benefits of LED lighting technology for sustainable agricultural practices. LED solutions are available for all areas of your farm including your cubicle shed, greenhouse and farm house. Changing to our LED not only provides a more reliable solution but creates a better and more comfortable environment to work in. The main advantages of LED lighting are:

  • Increased lifetime: due to their high efficiency and low energy use, our range of LED bulbs can last for more than 40,000 hours. This means you could have more than four and a half years of continous lighting. Additionally, LED lights do not suddenly stop working, instead they slowly decrease in brightness, providing you with time to replace and install new bulbs
  • Financial return: High use of LED lighting systems within the agriculture industry and our competitive pricing means a return on investment within two years
  • Animal and worker welfare - Proper lighting is very important for increased animal welfare, it is also essential for providing a safe and pleasant work place. Our LED bulbs produce less heat and more light, reducing dullness and increasing comfort
  • Products - We only supply the highest quality products that are designed to be robust for Farm environments

 For more information about how you can save 90% on your lighting spend, check out the Agron-LED fact sheet here.

Product line: (photos available below)

LED Shed Bulbs (3 sizes available): 9W, 15W & 20W

Eco Range 130W Uni-Bay

Eco Range Floodlight (2 sizes) 60W & 130W

IP67 Waterproof T8 tube light


Shed Bulbs : Replace sodium bulbs

9W replaces 100W, 15W replaces 150W and 20W replaces 200W

Key facts:

  • 9W - 800lm, 15W, 1,200lm, 20W - 1,800lm
  • 6,000 Kelvin
  • Standard B22 or E27 fitting
  • Lifespan of 40,000+ hours
  • 2 year warranty


Eco Range 130W UniBay : Replaces 400W HID

Key facts:

  • 15,700lm
  • IP54 rated
  • For indoor use only
  • 5 years unlimited useage warranty
  • Life expectancy of 70,000 hours
  • CRI of 70 - ability to differentiate colours


Eco Range Floodlight : Replaces 400W HID

Key facts:

  • 9,900lm
  • IP66 rated - weather sealed
  • 5 years unlimited useage warranty
  • Life expectancy of 70,000 hours
  • CRI of 80 - ability to differentiate colours


IP67 Waterproof T8 tube light

Key facts:

  • 2,450lm
  • 25W
  • 6,000 kelvin
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Fixed or temporary lighting
  • Connectable - up to 20
  • 2 years warranty



LED - Light Emitting Diode

LUMENS (Lm):  Amount of light output, the higher the number the brighter the light

KELVIN:  Colour of light which there are 3 ranges:

CRI - Colour Rendering Index.  The ability to differentiate colours.  The highter the CRI the more easily colours are to identify

  1. 2,700 - 3,500k = Yellow light
  2. 4,500 - 5,500k = Warm White
  3. 6,000 - 6,500k = Bright White (Daylight)