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Blitz Disinfectant

Downland Blitz Disinfectant is a  disinfection for all surfaces and equipment.

  • Effective against all viruses, bacteria and fungi.
  • Non hazardous at in-use dilutions
  • Will not pollute or taint
  • Does not cause mis-mothering
  • DEFRA listed

Make it your choice of disinfectant when lambing.

Use at 1 part in 250 parts of water or 1 in 125 in serious conditions with high risk (4 or 8ml per litre of clean water).  Treat all surfaces in the lambing area.  It is safe to re-stock immediately or to spray round ewes and lambs.  Re-spray pens between lambing’s.


Use BLITZ at 1 part in 250 to disinfect teats and bottles; drain but do not rinse.