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Lamb Force - Ewe Milk Replacer

It’s Like Mother’s Milk - More Performance from Ewe’s Milk with Lamb Force

Orphan lambs are usually multiple birth lambs and are therefore smaller and have consumed less colostrum than a single or large twin lamb. These are the two main reasons these lambs struggle to survive and perform.

Using Downland Lambforce to rear orphan lambs is the only way to eliminate these disadvantages for the lamb and the farmer.

This is because, it is the only lamb milk made with Ewe Milk Protein. Ewe milk protein contains antibodies to sheep disease and this can help to compensate for the lower intake of colostrum at birth. These proteins along with the ewe milk butter oil contain the flavour of ewe milk and are easily digested.

The ewe milk protein comes from the manufacture of Roquefort cheese and is produced under food grade standards, the producers lamb throughout the year to keep the cheese and bye products consistent.

Adlib fed Lambs drink up to 10 times a day and, will relative to their bodyweight, drink 50% more than a calf so the flavour, fat content and ewe milk in Downland Lambforce keep lambs healthy and competing to be the 1st lambs finished on the farm. 

The 4 plants oils and high milk protein and fat content ensure lambs grow as fast as single lambs without upsets. In INRA trials (TABLE1) Lambforce lambs were 3kgs heavier than lambs reared on standard lamb milk after 30 days.


Table 1 Lamb feeding trial 2011




Lambs with ewes


 Standard Lamb milk


lamb milk with made with ewe milk






Mortality rate %

Not recorded



Birth weight (kg)*








ADG d0-d30 (g/d)





Source: National Animal Research Institute in France (INRA)

Lamb Force Ewe Milk Replacer suits all feeding systems, it can be fed warm or cold and is ideal for bottle feeding, ad-lib feeding systems and some machine feeding systems which require an instant mixing powder. Available in 5kg, 10kg buckets and bags and 20kg bags.

Lamb Force Free Flow - Ideal for use in automatic machine feeding systems which require a freeflow powder. Available in 20kg bags.


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