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Quality Minerals

Downland Quality Minerals

The Downland Quality Mineral range has been formulated to meet the requirements of high performance livestock on a wide range of systems. Only the highest quality raw materials have been selected for incorporation into the range. Each product has been specifically formulated to supply the requirements of the livestock for which it was designed.

Downland Quality Minerals:
• UFAS accreditation.
• Chelated elements are incorporated in specific products to help improve mineral bioavailability.
• Minerals are palatable and dust free. In Feed minerals contain a level of molasses to help minimise dust, Free Access minerals also include a flavour and water proofing agents.
• All raw materials are rigorously analysed by a laboratory for their chemical and physical properties.

Mineral levels of feeds and forages can vary considerably depending on the type of feed and growing location, harvesting technique and storage practices.Minerals are critical to provide all of the production parameters such as milk, fleece and muscle tissue, as well as normal growth, and reproduction required in our production animals.

If you feel you need to review your minerals our team are happy to carry out a mineral audit, thus ensuring that you are using the best minerals for your animals.

Contact your local sales rep to discuss a mineral audit.