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Sheep Natural Energy

Sheep Natural Energy is a unique and specially formulated feed supplement to be fed to ewes to boost energy and protein supply during the critical tupping to lambing period.

The high energy dense formulation will help meet the ewes considerable demand for energy pre-post lambing, and will assist in combating twin lamb disease.

Very high energy density and quality protein specialist sheep feed.

• Use from tupping to lambing
• 13.5MJ of ME from multiple energy sources including protected fat
• 16.5% CP, including high quality DUP sources including Hi Pro Soya
• Will help as an aid where there is a risk of twin lamb disease and give energy
• Quality protein sources are used to produce milky ewes
• Contains Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil for optimal fertility and lamb vigour
• Contains high levels of vitamin E and selenium, including selenium yeast, for
easier lambing and thrifty lambs
• With protected zinc to support hoof integrity
• Can also be fed to finishing lambs on forage/root systems
• No other minerals are needed