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ZERMEX - 20mg/ml LA Solution for Injection for Sheep (2%LA)

Sheep scab is a major source of economic loss in affected flocks and is a serious threat to sheep welfare. Zermex® LA Solution for Injection for Sheep contains moxidectin - offering the
longest lasting injectable scab treatment and prevention for sheep and store lambs†, with
a single injection.

The Best Advice: 

Scab is highly contagious and mites pass easily between animals. The disease is typically encountered during the autumn/winter months, when gathering is common, with most cases occurring between September and April. Sheep scab mites can survive off the sheep for up to 17 days, survival being longest when the weather is cold and damp, therefore you need to choose a product which will guarantee persistency for longer than 17 days.

The Correct Product:

The persistent effect of Zermex® LA for Sheep against scab infestations means it treats and prevents re-infestations for 60 days from a single injection. No other active ingredient provides longer persistency.

The Best Value:

Treat ewes and lambs† as a single injection for long acting scab control or prevention as an alternative to routine autumn dipping.

Please see the below booklets for more information:


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